Are there some issues or challenges holding you back in your life?


Many of us operate in automatic pilot in some areas of our lives. We react to situations, events and people in habitual ways, without feeling as if we have any choice in the matter. For example, when faced with conflict, some people immediately shut down or retreat, while others become overly defensive. And others immediately jump into “peacekeeping mode” and try to quickly make everything calm and safe.

These behaviours are examples of habits that we’ve learnt throughout life. Contrary to what some people believe, these habits are not “who we are”. They’re simply habits that we’ve learnt along the way. And we can change them! But sometimes, without us knowing it, these types of reactions can get in the way and hold us back in our lives.

They can stop us from developing the relationships we want. They can leave us feeling alone and unconfident. They can even limit our ability to take our career to the next level and to build a secure future for ourselves.

Trying to change unwanted and unhelpful habits can be challenging because we’re often unaware of the underlying beliefs or fears that drive our behaviours. To put is simply, we have “blind spots” that stop us from seeing what really causes our behaviours and how they get in the way. If we’re unaware of our blind spots it’s very difficult to feel as if we have any choice in how we respond.

Professionally trained Psychotherapists and counsellors work on a number of levels to help clients to identify and understand their blind spots. When you become aware of where and how you learnt these habits, changing them is much easier.

By becoming truly aware of the deeply held motivations for your thoughts and behaviours, you can develop new behaviours that can quicly and almost effortlessly transform your life and allow you to feel much better every day.

Are you ready to let go of the old habits that have been holding YOU back?

Isn’t it time for you to step up and give yourself the life and relationship that you deserve?

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