Can’t get your partner to come to counselling?


Many of my couple clients start with just one partner attending. This was because for many of them, their partner was reluctant to attend for a range of reasons. Some had lost all hope of any change taking place. Others were angry or guilty about something that had been done. And others just didn’t believe that “talking to someone about their problems” would help them.

The truth is that “talking to someone about your problems” doesn’t help many people. That’s not what I do. There is a big difference between talking to someone about problems and working through issues and challenges with a Relationship Specialist Counsellor.

Naturally the process may move along faster if both partners attend, however, often with a reluctant partner, one partner learns tools that they can use to significantly alter the patterns that occur in the relationship. In most cases, the reluctant partner sees the changes that the work is having on their relationship and decides, of their own accord, to actively engage in the process.

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