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Are you starting to consider separation or divorce?

Considering divorce and separation is very common in our “modernised” world. As painful as this time might feel, it’s not all bad though, even though it might feel that way! In fact it’s actually quite a normal part of most

Are you fighting a lot and want to find out how to stop?

Are you looking for a way to stop fighting and bickering about things all the time? As you’d know, it’s actually extremely normal for people to disagree at times. Even though people get married or become a couple, they’re still

Are you struggling to get past an affair?

If you or your partner has had an affair and you’re trying to get past it, then you’ve come to the right place. There is a lot you can do to turn your relationship around. The seed of mistrust has

Can’t get your partner to come to counselling?

Many of my couple clients start with just one partner attending. This was because for many of them, their partner was reluctant to attend for a range of reasons. Some had lost all hope of any change taking place. Others

Couple, Relationship & Marriage Counselling

Are you struggling in your marriage or relationship and looking for a way to turn it around? Marriage Counselling (also known as couple counselling, couple therapy and relationship coaching) is designed to help couples who are experiencing relationship challenges to reconnect and transform their relationship into